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Chibi Fighters have all sorts of stats attached to them.

To get started you don't need to worry about any of it. Send your Chibi on adventures or have some battles with friends or other players.

Once you are ready to dive deeper you have to level your Chibi up to stand a chance against the stronger hoards of enemies.

Here is the King of Chibis. He is old, he is wise, he is not very well equipped.
Let's examine its stats.

Chibi detail.png


Next to the name you can find a gem. There are 4 rarity types.

Common (0) They occur with a chance of 750 in 999 = 75%

Rare (1) They occur with a chance of 170 in 999 = 17%

Mythic (2) They occur with a chance of 74 in 999 = 7.4%

Legendary (3) They are the rarest Chibis out there.They only spawn 5 in 999 = 0.5%


The number next to the gem is the generation of a Chibi. The higher the generation the longer cooldowns will be. Gen0 is the best there is.

Proud Owner

This shows who is the owner. If you are the owner you will see additional informations like Transfer Chibi and a refresh button.
Generally you should never need the refresh button, but it's there in case something doesn't sync with the blockchain, or if you want to speed things up. E.g. a transaction is confirmed but our bot didn't pick it up yet.


This just shows the age of a Chibi. There is no use for age atm. It's great to have oldschool Chibis though.

Experience / Level

Underneath you can find experience of a Chibi, if it has some skill points available to spend. And the SP-Level the Chibi is at.
It reflects the level of Chibi.

You can buy skill points with experience. Just don't forget to spend it, too. You should never have available skillpoints.
It is possible to reset the skill points anytime, experiment.


Find your Chibis traits here. Traits can have various impacts on adventure times, what they find, cooldowns, effects.


The next block is only available after your Chibi was on at least 1 adventure or had a battle. It now became a real adventure Chibi. So to speak its baptism by fire.


Health points of a Chibi. If it reaches 0 your Chibi dies. There is currently no permadeath integrated.


Energy is used to activate skills. This is not integrated yet.


Physique increases health and damage. It is a good stat to spend your very first skill point in.


Increases your dodge and crit chance. Very important but you need to balance it with physique and brainpower. Otherwise you become a glass cannon.


WIP Chibis doesn't have skills yet. you don't need to invest anything in brainpower at the moment

Mages and other Chibis that want to use their skills quiet often need Energy. Brainpower increases energy and damage.


Armor absorbs damage. If you have 100 armor and receive a 110 damage hit, your armor will absorb 100 of that damage. You will only receive 10 damage.


Your damage per hit. If you land a crit it will be about x1.5 that amount.

Element Dmg

Elemental damage. Currently not in use. But if you ever have to fight an enemy that is weak to elemental damage this is the stat to go for.

Crit Chance

Chance of you landing a crit attack with each strike.


Whoever has the higher threat will most likely receive the first strike in a battle.

Fusion Counter

It increases with every fusion. The higher it gets, the longer the Chibi will be exhausted after a fusion. This can be 14 days max at the moment.
So be careful when offering your Chibi for cheap fusions. You won't be able to use your Chibi for a bit.
All Chibis start with 2 per default, unless you have traits or luck (or bad luck) then it can be less, or even more (very unlikely) on birth.


If you are a Gen1+ Chibi you will have ancestors. They are listed here.


If you ever fused with a Chibi your Chibi will have offspring. Technically scientists just take some blood and combine it.


The DNA sequence of your Chibi. It is exposed for hardcore gamers.

Set for Fusion

With this button you can offer your Chibi for fusion. Fusion is a great way to inherit traits. If you have rare traits you can surely ask a good price, too.

Clan Lending

Activate your Chibi for clan lending. It doesn't matter if you are in a clan or not.
It is a great way to earn exp, loot while you are away. Player might pick your Chibi up for their adventures. It's a great win win.