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As longterm followers of our Roadmap know, it is a living Roadmap that tweaks and adjusts as we go along, mostly to add cool stuff we didn't think of beforehand.

Stop by once in a while and see how the Roadmap evolves.

Last updated: 22 July 2018

Long term Todos and ideas

  • RPG Module
    Release proper RPG components, stats, levels and let the carnage begin.

  • King of the Hill style battle format
    One Chibi can remain in battle for a period of time. It will collect all winnings. But if it gets beaten, the winner gets all Ether.

Q2-Q4 2018

  • Changelog
    For latest news stop by our changelog, it will hopefully blow your mind

  • Weapons WIP
    Weapons will be split in a new contract so users can trade them. contract is in final stages of testing

  • RPG module
    Sending Chibis into fights that require player interaction, having stats, effects, levels etc.

  • PVP style fights
    no longer rock, paper, scissors style fights, but proper pvp fights

  • Raid Boss
    A particular strong enemy that will take some time to defeat.

  • Cosmetics
    Enhance your Chibi with cool gimmicks.

  • Add reward system
    Daily rewards and Achievements
    Daily Rewards are finished and released

  • Introduce Shields
    Shields will be unveiled.

  • Animations
    Done. Chibis are fully animated in the hunt and the hunt extreme.

  • Level System
    Done. At its core Chibis can't level. With this system they can. It will have features of a simple RPG.

  • Bigger Team
    Get more team members
    We were bought by team Mythereum and our crazy crew is growing constantly

  • Whips
    Whips will be unveiled Done and dusted, they look stunning

  • Live Matches
    Battles that are fully off chain and in realtime
    Done and dusted, they turned out great and work beautifully on mobile, too

  • Hot Potato Auctioning some unique Chibis
    End of April

  • Add account system
    Create a user account system that allows for Daily rewards and Achievements. It will be attached to wallet, not email.

Down here is the original Roadmap

tldr: Chibi Contracts done. Chibis Frontend in beautification process. Chibi Battle Contract done. This includes Ring of Death matches. Due to increased gas prices we decided to go on with an off chain solution. Death Matches are not live yet, but everything else and tons more than originally promised is live and playable.

Thank you all so much, we are just getting warmed up.

Q1 2018

  • Create and release GARRYs (100/100)
    GARRYs (an ERC20 token) are for early adopters and can be swapped for Chibi Fighters after release.

  • Create a Garrys test page (100/100)
    Site to interact with metamask and let user check their Garry balances etc.

  • Setup Chibi Fighters Contract (100/100)
    Get the non-fungible part working and Chibis work as intended.
    (The first wave will include 29 Chibis, but more will come, maybe even monsters)

  • Get a basic Chibi website up (100/100)
    Homepage to display Chibi infos and blog.

  • Create a blog (100/100)
    Wordpress to the rescue -> blog takes too much time away. discord and twitter rock way more

  • Get a basic Chibi website up (100/100)
    Get Alpha Rinkeby testing site up (100/100)
    Alpha 0.3 is running. Once again you delivered great feedback and we heard you. Thanks everyone for contributing, keep it coming. You are the best.

  • Prepare Chibis to be fusion-able (29/29)
    Makes them compatible with the fusion chamber. After all a head should be where a head belongs etc.

Q2 2018

  • Release Chibi Fighters Contract (100/100)
    Users can buy, trade, sell and experiment with Chibis.

  • Release Chibi Fighters website (100/100)
    An advanced version of the original website so users can put Chibis for sale, fusion etc.
    This has been included in Alpha 0.2. However beautification of UI is still owed.

  • Release Fusion Chamber Contract (100/100) This has been included in Alpha 0.2. I keep that here since it's not thouroughly enough tested.
    Completely reworked for Alpha 0.3 Chibis are now 10x cuter and have more variation

  • Release Fusion Chamber upgrade to website (100/100)
    Players can fuse Chibis and create new freaky Chibis.
    No Chibi will be lost in the process, the genetic engineers only need a drop of blood.
    This has been included in Alpha 0.2. However beautification of UI is still owed.

  • Release Chibis Fighting/Ring of Death Module Contract (100/100)
    First tests have started in Alpha 0.3. Encrypting, decrypting of moves works, everything is running smooth. Minor upgrades will be required, e.g. listing all Chibis waiting for battle.

  • Release Chibis Fighting/Ring of Death Module upgrade website (100/100)
    Players can fight with their Chibis and enjoy climbing leaderboards and earn ETH
    Leaderboards will be offchain and are not integrated yet, wins and deathring wins will be onchain. However to save costs casual brawls will be held offchain (for free) on our servers, they might even be realtime sooner or later.

Q3 2018

  • Release Ring of Death Module Contract (x/100)
    The code is so similar to the normal fighting module that we can merge it into one.

  • Release Ring of Death Website (100/100)
    Players can fight to the Death and earn Ethereum. With enough financing we will be hosting a youtube channel that features some of these battles.