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Easy Affiliate money/ether
Earn 10% per ETHCrystal conversion and even 15% for a Chibi Gen0 sale!*

Payouts are in ETH. Transaction must be confirmed to count as conversion.

Conversions can be created by Players buying Gen0 Chibis and ETHCrystals.

Join us on discord and enjoy the cozy warmth of a tavern and ask away if you have questions.

Grab yourself a referral Id and get some Ads you can plaster all over the net and make yourself some money to buy a Chibi, or Rum.

Please do not spam!
You don't like it, we don't like it, no one wins. Use common sense and don't pester people. Please.

*can change without notice

Register for an Id

You can enter anything you want, nothing is mandatory, just be aware that anybody can request a payout in your name, so use common sense.

If the user is not allowing cookies are uses a different ref link it will remove your cookie.

Until then it will be saved for 7 days and all purchases the user performs will be credited to your account.

Using your refId is as easy as adding ?r=REFID to any link, or if it already contains a ? then use an &
e.g. or


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