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Quick guide to get you started in no time.

After all you are playing a crypto game, unlike normal games, we want Chibis to make YOU money.

Don't forget: ETHShards are worth real Ether
Convert them in your account to ETHCrystals and request a payout.



Daily Tasks

Complete daily tasks on your account page. There are many various tasks that rotate each day and return a good amount of gems. Put them in the crystal cave to get a share of the ETHShards
(currently the top 3 returns ~30 USD and at time of writing no one left empty handed)


Crystal Cave

Grind some Gems in The Hunt or daily tasks and put them in the Crystal Cave. Maybe you will receive a share of the ETHShard pot. The single best way to make easy money.


Lizard People Game

Try your luck on the Lizard People. It's a number guessing game showing already guessed numbers, it gets more and more exciting towards the end and of course as the pot increases.



You can offer your Chibis for Fusion, if you have good traits people want to inherit them and will fuse with your Chibi. 80% of that Ether go straight to your wallet



Get yourself some ETHCrystals and start a battle or two. You can pay them out at any time or convert them into/from ETHShards for no extra cost.
Each ETHCrystal is backed by 0.002 ETH, there is never a "no payout available" situation



Send your Chibi on Scavenger Missions while the island is not depleted (check your account page) and they might return ETHShards or even ETHCrystals

Adventures also return unique loot you can equip, sell for gold, or sell for ETHShards on the market.


Legendary Fragments

Take part in Seasons or other events that grant Legendary Fragments. You can infuse common items with it and receive a guaranteed legendary weapon you can sell on the market


Zeppelin Game

Make sure there is a green lamp when starting the Zeppelin game and off you go. At 1000m the first ETHShard will spawn and after that every 200m. Sure it's a challenge, but each ETHShard valued at 10 cents/USD also the easiest money you will probably make in any crypto game.