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Chibi Chronicles

Find various stories that breathe life into the tough world of Chibis.

Chibis live on a small island. It is lush and full of riches. But of course where there is value, there are foes, too. Find a little assortment of short stories to flavour up your experience.



      Kami Kojiki shuffled his way to the open door and looked out over the citrus grove below and considered the path that he would take to the Glass Pool. He had close to an hour to trek to get there. He could see far off on the horizon the edge of the bay where ships would set anchor and trade with the Chibi inhabitants of the Island. The sails of two great vessels billowed in the sun over the sparkling water. He rocked back and reclined on the top of his stoop and recalled his first journey into the pool.

      That first journey into the pool and through it the entrance to the Great Crystal Cave, took place in a time before the Laws of War had been established. It was a far more lawless time on the Island, which seemed unbelievable to some of the sailors who now visited the port on the other side of the Island. They come now in order to witness the power struggles that played out at the Ring of Death. However, in Kami Kojiki’s youth, there was a great imbalance between the tribes, and this had lead to chaos and destruction. Laws had to be established that would bring some balance and flourishing in spite of the everlasting struggle for power and domination. It was for that reason he undertook the quest to go under the water to find the source of order.

      He was very young when he first swam into the deep pool. Few alive now even remember that time. In order to enter the cave he first needed to do battle with the Mizuchi, which guarded the entrance, in order to prove that he was worthy of meeting with the lawgiver. The greatest challenge of this battle was that he had to be able to fight without surfacing for air. If he did, then he would automatically forfeit the battle and be killed. If he lasted underwater for thirty minutes, then he would be granted entrance to the cave. It was a condition of his entrance that he both survive and allow the Mizuchi to live, because the balance between good and evil had to be preserved. He prepared himself for the battle by filling a large cows bladder with fresh air from which he would ration his supply while he battled.

      He just barely lasted in battle before he passed out, and when he awoke he was lying on the floor of the Great Crystal Cave. After he recovered, he stood up and looked around. There was light glowing from within each crystal, and that illuminated the room. An old man shuffled towards him and introduced himself as the Prime Sage and said that like the light from within the crystals, Kami Kojiki posses the skills to bring order to the madness that had enveloped the Island. Then the Prime Sage cast his hand over the inside pool and gave Kami Kojiki the vision of a well balanced Island wherein there was a Law of War and Rules for Honor and a space for peace and trade. It was on that vision that Kami Kojiki divided the Island upon his return from the cave.

      Now an old man, Kami Kojiki had himself become a sage among the Chibis. It had been many decades since he had last done battle as a warrior. His final battle had been the one that brought order to the Island. He had retired to the mountaintop where the current leaders of the island would visit him for counsel. Sometimes, as he was about to do today, he would return to the pool and the cave to commune with the Prime Sage, who was also the Mizuchi.

Ebisu the Shark

Ebisu the Shark

      Ebisu, sometimes called the Shark, was born in a fishing village located on the far northern shore of the Chibi Island. The village was built in a protected bay that was surrounded almost entirely by a solid cliff face. Only a few people regularly ventured up the narrow pass to carry dried fish and pearls to trade for other food and materials that were needed in the village. This passage was hidden at the top, but even if found, it was so narrow that most raiders would not even venture far down it believing that no one would bother traveling on it. If they did, the village sentinels maintained a series of windpipes just out of sight to frighten them off.

      When Ebisu was small he would listen to the stories told by the men who travelled to Uzume, the closest town, to make the trades. To him, the tales of sword fights and close calls sounded far more exciting than spending his life diving for oyster pearls like his father. By the time he was 12, he was eager to see more of the world. He started to collect some of the basic tools and food he would need to travel. One day, when the trading party headed up the cliff path, he followed just out of sight. He knew the sentinels would only be watching for raiders who might be ahead of the trading party, so it was unlikely that he would be noticed.

      Instead of following them to Uzume, Ebisu turned east along the forest edge that shrouded the view of the bay. Though he did not want to stay, he also did not want to betray the relative peace in which his village existed by being caught along the road near the village. A strange face always attracted attention. He did not know what kind of company he would find, but he was resourceful and remembered many of the descriptions of the Chibi Fighters that his uncle encountered in Uzume. What he did not plan on was running into a band of thieves near the highway he was going to use to travel southwest to the main western harbor where the fighters traded for battle goods. It was there that he hoped to find a mentor with a good reputation.

      It was Ebisu’s luck that the band of thieves found nothing valuable on him, or they might have tortured him for intel on where he was from. Instead, they saw potential in his wiry frame, and they taught him to be a pickpocket, which he was very good at after diving and picking pearls out of living oysters. It was this band that began to call him Ebisu the Shark because of his speed and for the amount of free time he would spend in the water.

      One day, the band of theives entered the main eastern harbor to pass through the crowd looking for easy targets with heavy purses. As Ebisu made his way through the onlookers he saw a battle-scarred face with a distinctive tattoo. He remembered when his uncle told a tale about a fighter with scars and a waning moon tattoo on his face. He was very dangerous and had a bad reputation among the Chibi Fighters for dirty tricks. Ebisu hung back and watched as the moon-faced man slid a short sword out of his tunic, but before he could stab the cloaked figure in front of him, Ebisu had thrown a barrel lid into the path of the fighter’s sword hand. There was a great shout from the crowd. The cloaked figure spun around and gutted the moon-faced man on the spot. This was how Ebisu the Shark met his fighting mentor, Kami Kojiki.



      Kevin is a very rich Chibi, born and raised in a productive and prosperous city. His father was one of the King's ministers, and Kevin grew up in a wealthy and influential family, every day he could choose what to eat, what to do, what to drink and find a creative way not to get bored.
Every servant of Kevin was doing everything Kevin ordered, every desire he wanted was an order for them, and Kevin grew up thinking that for him power was something very natural.

      But Kevin was bored when you have everything from birth it is challenging to appreciate something and Kevin were looking for strong stimuli, real emotions, different experiences from his life.
At that moment Kevin became aware of the Ring Of Death, that was the place to be, Kevin began to learn about the competition and the danger. Fighting for life was new to Kevin, who was thrilled by the experience.

      The idea of competing in that tournament became the purpose of his life and Kevin did not even think for a second that someone could be stronger than him, more motivated, faster or more deadly. Kevin believed he was perfect and that nobody was better than him. This security made him extraordinarily arrogant and overestimated his talent. Kevin's family had a great history of warriors and soldiers, and Kevin had the fight in his blood, he had the best coaches and the best swords, and everyone was afraid to hurt him because antagonizing Kevin's family could be terrible.

      This situation made Kevin even more self-centered and arrogant, he was starting to believe he was a God of the fight and he was bored while fighting with his instructors. Kevin wanted real competition and faced new opponents and then sent his servant to hire brigands in the slums of the city, hungry Chibi that fights for their lives every day.
The servant brought five Chibi in front of Kevin, and he offered them money and food, but only to one of them. The five Chibi fought among themselves like wild animals, and Kevin enjoyed watching them.

      After a bloody battle, there was only one Chibi, dirty with blood, hungry and full of rage. That Chibi had seen the rich as Kevin always consider himself superior and playing with the lives of others. That was the moment of revenge for him, but Kevin did not know it.
He challenged the Chibi to a duel. That was Kevin's first real duel against an opponent who wanted to kill him and soon the Chibi managed to defeat Kevin. The only thing that saved Kevin's life was the iron vest he wore under his clothes, which stopped the blade a few millimeters from the heart.

      The Chibi stole the food and ran away, leaving Kevin in a puddle of blood. The doctors managed to save him, but Kevin had changed, now he only wanted revenge and blood. The world had to suffer like he had suffered, a thousand times more. Kevin wants to kill all his opponents in the Ring Of Death, and he will not stop until his pride is revenged.

      He is now known by the name of Stinger.

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