This page lists various income streams of Chibi Fighters. The timeframe is 24 hours prior to daily tasks reset.

The commissions/fees are returned into the various games at the following ratios:

Gen0 Sales
Weapon Market Sales Fees
Loot Item Sale Fees


Here an estimate of what will happen on daily refresh

Total Shards to be distributed




Butcher Pot



Slasher Pot



Refill will occur in

Last 30 refills

Our share is a tad more, but not mentionable more

Last 30 days to players USD





What can I do? Yes you!

Shilling a game is crucial. Advertising costs a fortune. Share a link, talk to friends. Post on reddit. This is all priceless and doesn't cost you a cent.

Shill the game on steemit, youtube, reddit. Create a nice post. Write an article. Leave a comment.

You are what makes 50% of this company.

Find realtime stats down here. Blockchain sales need to be verified by a bot. E.g. buying a Chibi. They show with a delay of some minutes. Buying Chibis off markets brings money to the other player, not us therefore not the bots.