Crystal Cave

You gathered some gems and are eager to get your hands on some ETHShards in return? You found the place to be.
You can swap ETHShards for real Ether

You will receive a loot box after payout


Lizard people love gems. They take them with them and in return leave ETHShards for you.

All you need to do is leave them some gems in a dark cave, then share the ETHShards among the crowd once Lizard people are gone. Generally it ends in a big brawl, but in the end everybody leaves with a fair share of the pile.

Learn more about crystal cave in the lore story origins


Next payout 0x  ETHShards in 0


Your part in the cave 0x
about ~0 ETHShards for you

Gems from all players in cave 0x

Cave Leader is


Top 5 successful players last round

Each week 12% of the total cave content will be distributed to players that brought gems to the cave. The gems reset after that payout and you will need to add new gems.

This is just a game. Never use more than you are willing to lose. Your stake is an estimate. It changes when people add gems.

You can obtain gems by certain activities in Chibi Fighters. Primarily by your daily tasks and The Hunt.

You can not take gems back from the cave.

Payout after time expires may take up to 5 minutes.

Total cave content 0 ETHShards (12% is distributed each time)

Total gem number in existence 0 gems (gems in cave not included)

Most owned gems by single player , average per account