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  • Improved - Buy SP - Buy SP changed to Convert EXP


  • Improved - Account - Logout has better mechanic additionally will wipe the account page immediately


  • Improved - Events page - added couple PVP events (win, loss, got attacked and attacker lost)
  • Improved - Gear - loading a set will no longer equip high lvl items on low lvl Chibis
  • Fixed - PVP - Opponents didn't load under certain conditions


  • Improved - PVP - Only attacker wins points. 14 points if enemy is more than 30 points apart, 10 points for any other enemy player. Losing Chibi loses 4 points


  • Improved - TRON - Airdrops - various realtime feedback improvements


  • New - TRON - Airdrops - TRX airdrops for TRON. Drops will be announced in discord and telegram
  • Improved - TRON - Wallet - adding wallet and decimal warnings on wallet transfer


  • Fixed - Adventures - under a special condition loot was rewarded to the adventure starter despite you seeing the loot


  • Fixed - Daily rewards - under certain conditions you were valued at tier 1 while you were actually tier 2


  • New - Whitepaper - Added first version of whitepaper


  • Improved - Account page - Account names unique
  • Improved - General - various lists of Chibis no longer show tokenId infront name but level


  • Improved - General - renaming, battle roar and region are now fully off chain


  • New - Consumables market - Player can restock the merchant in return for coins and glass (mysterious fragments, coming from the shady merchant probably utterly worthless, but who knows for sure)
    Restocking counts towards daily tasks as "sell x items to merchant" and "collect coins"
  • Fixed - Weapons - Issues with one handed, two handed weapons equipped at the same time fixed


  • New - Adventures - Coven descent, a very dangerous 2 Chibi cave descent
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite, Account page - Loot boxes with equippable gear will wiggle
  • Improved - General - Gear boxes Chibi detail page no longer white
  • Fixed - Gear - Multiple same slot items being equipped by 1 Chibi not possible anymore


  • Fixed - TRON - General - Redeployed with correct decimal for TronLink wallet.
  • Fixed - ETH - General - False locked wallet warning on firefox removed.


  • Fixed - The Hunt Infinite - Resetting the Hunt will now correctly require pay entry fee gain
  • Fixed - General - Improving late injection of web3, false wallet locked warning


  • New - Founder Chibis will now start with Fusion Counter of 0 no matter their traits
  • Improved - Fusion price - In times of crypto ice age we adjusted the min price for a fusion to 0.05 ETH, active fusion offers are not affected
  • Working on TRON presale


  • Working on TRON presale


  • Improved - Adventures - no more exhausts after an adventure finishes
  • Fixed - General - the holy grail of https has finally been achieved. All domains point to the correct and https is enforced
  • Fixed - General - chibigame forwards to chibifighters


  • Fixed - Weapons - couple stats were not showing in tooltips
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite and PVP - hp increase and damage decrease to offer a little longer battles
    hp = physique * 10 + (bought_skillpoints * 30) changed to
    hp = physique * 12 + (bought_skillpoints * 36)
    damage = (physique + brainpower) * 5 changed to
    damage = (physique + brainpower) * 4.5


  • New - The Hunt Infinite - Added mob Ork Butcher (normal ork with sword)
  • New - The Hunt Infinite - Bosses and some mobs can cause stun, bleed, poison
  • Fixed - General - when loading a page in a new tab without focus, it will not trigger web3 injection, now it works correctly
  • Fixed - PVP - Consuming hunter potion after match, button fixed
  • Fixed - PVP - Consuming hunter potion before match correctly updates numbers on page


  • Improved - Adventures - Gen and Rarity back into calculation of adventure times


  • Improved - PVP - added to daily tasks
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite - changed exp reward from - random(20, 40) + (enemy_level / 2) to random(30, 40) + (enemy_level / 2)
  • Fixed - The Hunt Infinite - Boss Shaman renamed to Shaman (in Hunt infinite there is one shaman enemy which can spawn and he is not a boss)
  • Fixed - The Hunt Infinite - When failing at a normal enemy, the retry enemy was a new random enemy, doesn't make sense, you will now have to retry the same enemy. For example if you fail at the piggy. You can retry until you defeat it.
  • Fixed - The Hunt Infinite - When dying before a boss encounter, it was possible for the boss to reset before the actual reset round was reached. you should now have correctly 2 tries at a boss.


  • Fixed - PVP - no more double ups in matchmaking results


  • New - PVP - it's on like Donkey Kong. Bring your weapons, may the best player win!


  • Improved - General - Infused weapon tooltip/infos displaying everywhere
  • Improved - General - Adding currencies to loot market, inventory
  • Fixed - General - Saving just weapon in Sets, failed on loading window


  • Fixed - Fusion Lab - adding Chibis and various other events will not trigger a rename of the offchain name
  • Improved - Fusion Lab - list sorted by latest Chibis added


  • New - PVP ranking bot - learning from our never loading leaderboards, pvp ranking will have a bot collecting that data for you
  • New - PVP ticket bot - your pvp tickets will refill to 10 if you are below this threshold when daily rewards reset
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite - boss every 20 stages instead of 10
  • Improved - All Chibis - new Chibis will spawn adventure Chibis and PVP ready, they also have 100 exp so you can immidiately level them and go on the hunt
  • Improved - General - https warning when using http, forwarding breaks too much
  • Improved - General - Chibis in battle queue can still go out on adventures and vice versa



  • New - The Hunt Infinite - dozens of traits integrated all over Chibi Fighters and especially the hunt, more info
  • Improved - General - Language selector
  • Fixed - Daily rewards - under certain conditions your today reward showed up as day 14 reward when it was not day 14
  • Fixed - The Hunt Infinite - exhaust at bosses fixed, checks for exhaustion on battle begin


  • Improved - Chibis detail page - Fusion preview shows correct exhaustion time
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite - stronger enemy every 5 fights, not every 1, so accomodate for a lot higher levels you can enter a higher number than 121 in the box below. Your Chibi will need to match the enemies level (or be higher) otherwise you can not enter that stage.
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite - Your Chibi will exhaust after fighting a boss. Just like in the Hunt before, but base time is only 1h, not 12h. See adventure exhausts in wiki
  • Improved - Adventures - picking Chibi to join will only load 12 random Chibis


  • New - General - landing page for weapons/armory, access like so
  • Improved - Account page - No name kitties return a generic name
  • Improved - Armory - Worn by # replaced with Chibi name
  • Fixed - General - Founder glow works again, make sure to force reload if Chibi after applying it, e.g. right click the Chibi image, copy address, paste in browser, F5, otherwise just wait a day or two and the cache will hopefully update
  • Fixed - General - Chibis age was lost somewhen, restored in lists


  • New - General - dark skin for Chibi Fighters
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite - Will award exp from enemies up to 7 levels lower
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite - Backgrounds matching stages, new forest background
  • Improved - The Hunt Infinite - If you own a kitty it might pop up and watch them Chibis fight


  • New - Armory - Your weapons and shields warrior
  • New - Market Armory - integrated market for weapons and shields, you can also trade on opensea at the same time
  • New - The Hunt Infinite - Combining all hunts into one experience



  • Improved - Account page - loot boxes are limited to load only 50, sorted by date, newest first
  • Fixed - Fusions - no longer trigger one failed, one succeeding tx


  • Not fixed - due to server spikes live battles have been removed. Since they belong to the rock paper scissor era they will most likely be deprecated in favor of a new PVP system
  • Improved - The Hunt normal/extreme - took to long end screen now shows potions to consume


  • New - Account page - one of your kitties might say hi
  • Improved - Events page - added couple events - New Chibi, Battle over, Weapon Bought (market), Weapon Sold, Weapon sent, Weapon received, Weapon put for sale, Weapon sale cancelled, Weapon sale cancelled, Weapon created (e.g. new bought or claimed), Payout requested, Received payout, Fusion result Chibi, Chibi XY returned from scavenging/Chibi cave, Chibi XY returned from helping on scavenging/Chibi cave, Received XY from crystal cave, Added XY gems to cave, Chibi added for fusion, Fusion cancelled, Crystals bought (not confirmed), Crystals credited, Bought ether chest, Daily event finished, Item XY sold to merchant, Item XY on market, Chibi XY transfer initiated (not confirmed), Chibi XY received, Chibi XY sent
  • Improved - All Chibis - removed free Chibis
  • Fixed - various double click scenarious




  • Improved - Chibis detail page - popup for buy sp can be turned off for faster levelling
  • Improved - Account page - good bye popup when test Chibi leaves


  • New - General - players without any Chibi in posession can claim a free Chibi. It will disappear once they get a real Chibi. It also can't fuse.


  • New - The Hunt extreme - buffs and effects integrated. get your poison on
  • Improved - Chibis - Set for clan has been replaced with set for lending. Any player can pickup your Chibi, no matter the clan. Clans will become a different treatment soon.
  • Improved - Crystal Cave - all players now linked to their visitme page
  • New - no more max level


  • New - Chibis page - Gear Sets. You have 5 set slots available to store your favorite gear sets for easy swap and equip.


  • Improved - Owned Chibis - Set for clan moved from account page to owned Chibis filter
  • Improved - Loot boxes - they follow a separate logic now, opening them has a 1 second cooldown, also more collisions on account page, you can immidiately click one even if the page still loads


  • New - Blog - A stunning internal blog to keep you up to date with latest news
  • New - Wiki - About time we got a wiki :)


  • Improved - General - upgrading to new mm and re-establishing that no mm users can browse useful pages
  • Improved - General - increased chances for infused/legendary items to have more stats
  • Improved - The Hunt normal - error_solving should not appear anymore, unless multiple tabs are used


  • New - Weapons pre-requesits - All special Chibis show their weapon which can be claimed later on
  • Improved - General - pages no longer use .php and detail pages are accessed via /chibi/tokenid e.g. /chibi/12


  • Improved - The Hunt extreme - wrong potion count displayed on defeated screen fixed


  • New - The Hunt extreme - hunter potions can now be used, they boost reflexes quiet a bit, physique and brainpower a little, too. lots of crits incoming
  • Improved - Inventory - batch sales button to not confuse new players



  • New - Loot system - stats are no longer purely random, rare will always have 2 attributes, mythic 3 attributes, legendary 4 attributes max
  • Improved - Account page - conversion of crystals can now have custom amounts
  • Improved - Account page - opening chests updates coins, gems etc. without refreshing page


  • Improved - Inventory - sort focus on rarity
  • Improved - Market - sort focus on new items


  • New - Welcome Package - claim a welcome package on discord, find the code on your account page
  • Improved - Chibis detail page - merged rpg tab in stats tab
  • Improved - Chibi exhausts no longer overwritten by blockchain exhausts
  • Improved - Inventory - adding rings to filter
  • Improved - Market - adding rings to filter
  • Improved - Inventory - ring can be placed in either slot, amulet slot has x (placeholder ring)
  • Improved - Chibis detail page - exp needed for next skillpoint added


  • New - Chibi max level increased to 10
  • Improved - Chibis detail page - merged rpg tab in stats tab
  • Improved - The Hunt extreme - health potion consumption will update health bar immediately
  • Improved - The Hunt extreme - rebalancing to facilitate level 10 Chibis
  • Improved - The Hunt extreme - piggy has now automated levels, let us know if it is too strong
  • Improved - Inventory - bounties from daily rewards are now correctly converted to new system


  • Improved - Normal battles - back to battles now points to correct location


  • New - Gold market - buy consumables in the loot market
  • Improved - Inventory - bounties are now a consumable item



  • Fixed - Chibi detail page - weapons showing correctly


  • Fixed - updating infura connection
  • Improved - Market - mm not needed to browse the market
  • Improved - Crystal Cave - mm not needed to browse
  • Improved - Chibi detail page - gear can be seen without mm


  • Fixed - fixing bits and bops, setting up legendaries for animation
  • Fixed - The Hunt Normal - health potions work now


  • Fixed - fixing bits and bops, setting up legendaries for animation


  • Fixed - The Hunt Extreme - returning Adventurers no longer overwrite exhausted Chibis, e.g. being exhausted from the hunt for 12h and then reduced to 5minutes
  • Fixed - fixing bits and bops, setting legendaries up for animation
  • Fixed - Chibis can be set for clan and fusion when exhausted, but not when not an adult since this will throw in contract


  • Fixed - fixing bits and bops, setting up legendaries for animation



  • Improved - The Hunt Extreme - when taking too many turns (e.g. stats or armor match with enemy) you will see a corresponding screen, max rounds are 40
  • Fixed - The Hunt Extreme - patching various exploits
  • Improved - Market - better feedback when low on ETHShards


  • Improved - The Hunt Extreme - when Chibi resets the Hunt or finishes it, it will need to pay entry again, otherwise endless grinding is too easy


  • Improved - The Hunt Extreme - Chibi resets automatically to wave 1 after hunt completed and replenishes health



  • Improved - The Hunt Extreme - Potion drops removed (very small), go on adventures to get potions, both can be done at the same time
  • Improved - The Hunt Extreme - Chibis will be exhausted after completing or resetting the hunt, currently capped at 24h max (currently 12h default cool down, traits bonus as per adventure exhaust, however gen has less penalty)


  • New - The Hunt Extreme - extreme version of The Hunt, leather drops, new enemies, even a legendary drop and a surprise enemy


  • Backend work - new loot daily chest
  • Backend work - working on hunt extreme
  • Backend work - testing tournaments


  • Improved - Owned Chibis - Set Fusion button not visible when exhausted
  • Improved - The Hunt - Retry button
  • Improved - Fusion Lab - adding gen and rarity in chibi select screen


  • New - Daily tasks - daily tasks to earn gems by playing the game
  • Backend work - creating new test server


  • Backend work - preparing daily tasks


  • Improved - Events page - battle events marked as watched at battle start
  • Improved - Events page - only load 10 latest events, load more button
  • Improved - Events page - mark all battles, all chibi events as watched buttons


  • Backend work - preparing discord bot, working on hunt extreme


  • Backend work - preparing The Hunt Extreme


  • Backend work - preparing The Hunt Extreme, finalizing work on crystal cave


  • Improved - Crystal Cave - adding last winners and current leader
  • Improved - Fusion Lab - refreshes both parents after fusion


  • Improved - visitme page - check your account page for the link - now shows gems and lots more tooltips
  • Improved - Chibis - no longer grow on mouse hover, makes them easier clickable and not pop
  • Improved - Market and Inventory - legs, feet filters added
  • Improved - Market and Inventory - changing filter resets to page 0, adding to market, selling etc. does not same page will show
  • Improved - Chibi detail page - unequip gear one click, no popup


  • New - Crystal Cave - swap gems for ETHShards
  • Improved - Adventures - clan Chibis now return bounties to owner, too
  • Improved - The Hunt - bigger on desktop and mobile


  • Backend work - rewriting chibi image creation (better edge, no more alpha issue on small versions)
  • Backend work - preparing crystal cave


  • Improved - Ether Chest - now drops gems and all other loot
  • Improved - The Hunt - gems will now drop correctly (even when inventory full)
  • Improved - The Hunt - performance leak fixed


  • The Hunt - go out and kill some orks and get tons of loot


  • Improved - Account page - possible payout amount also takes ETHShards into account


  • Backend work, preparing animations and the hunt


  • New - Inventory - Items can now be sold to a shady merchant
  • Improved - Market and Inventory - no longer snap to page 0 on sales, buys etc.
  • Improved - Adventures - loot drops for clan Chibis increased (especially potions), better ETHShard drop rate (if Island has left), improved gear drop formula
    (geek-wisdom: old: did get item1? yes stop, no go on .. did get item2? yes stop, no go on .. that way it became less and less likely to receive loot at the end of the daisy chain, now it will first random pick what item you would get, then check if you will get it, taking traits etc. into consideration, that way a more equalized loot should be achieved)


  • Backend work


  • Improved - Loot - increasing resolution of graphics (affecting primarily inventory and market)


  • Improved - Daily rewards - your tier is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Improved - Market - works now as expected - adding item link for sharing ?token=XY, e.g.


  • New - Inventory - Infuse items to create legendary gear or remove your fragments
  • Improved - Loot market - Inventory and loot market now have navigation buttons on bottom of page, too
  • Improved - Daily rewards - day 7 no longer returns a legendary fragment, and day 14 only returns 1 instead of 2
  • Improved - Reordering/grouping Chibi menu


  • Improved - Chibis in lists (owned, fusion lab etc.) are now middle mouse clickable to open in new tab
  • Improved - Chibis level cap - Chibis can only level up to sp-level 5 for now


  • Improved - Live battles - have a 10 seconds cooldown for your Chibi
  • Improved - Normal battles - have a 10 seconds cooldown for your Chibi
  • Improved - Welcome page - includes a micro guide
  • Improved - Inventory - same filters as market and faster loading times for large inventories
  • Improved - Open battles - correctly displays next, prev buttons


  • Improved - Market - adding item link for sharing ?token=XY, e.g.
  • Improved - Transferring Chibis - gear unequips on transfer
  • Improved - ETHSHards - changing ratio from 8:1 to 32:1 to allow for smaller values
  • Improved - Inventory - inventory is limited to 10 unique items per Chibi, you can have more, e.g. from buying from market, but Chibis won't be able to bring home new loot from adventures


  • New - Market - adding first version of market (live testing, you might lose shards if things break)


  • New - Ether chest - chest that returns all sorts of random things (if you miss the loot popup it will be in your account with other chests)
  • Improved - Daily rewards - displays loot correctly after day 14+


  • Improved - Daily rewards - warning when no account
  • Improved - Gear - Chibis 10+ can equip gear


  • Improved - Adventures - adventure return time more precise


  • Improved - Gear - when transferring a Chibi, equipped gear will be locked and transferred with the Chibi
  • Improved - Unique loot - when clan lended Chibis find gear for you, not lender, it will be properly assigned to you, and not to lender
  • Improved - Fusions are now logged with referral id for additional referral revenue


  • New - Account page - adding longest daily reward streak
  • Improved - Account page - open all also opens dungeon loot, Clan chibis that returned with unique gear is now displayed correctly
  • Improved - Adventures - merging scavenger missions on map and adding nicer popup
  • Improved - Inventory - gear can be equipped again


  • Improved - Adventures - Clan Chibis also return loot to owner (not as much as Clan member, and traits not applied)
  • Improved - Owned Chibis - No Horses!, Globetrotter traits displayed correctly
  • Improved - Fusion Lab - No Horses!, Globetrotter traits displayed correctly


  • Improved - Adventures - scavenger missions drop lamp loot, great for dark caves
  • Improved - Adventures - Chibi Cave drops rope and pickaxe loot, great for cave descents
  • Improved - Account page - if account chibi picture exists, clickable now
  • Improved - Account page - Unique loot now has tooltips
  • Improved - Inventory - gear will only show here after claimed from loot box


  • Improved - Inventory - potions are not also on the inventory page
  • Working on loot system, lighter db


  • New - Inventory page - shows all equippable loot from Chibi Cave or other adventures
  • New - Loot is now a lot more unique than before, a helmet is no longer a helmet, it can have a range of stats attached to it making it lots more unique-ish
  • Improved - Adventures - Chibi Cave back up with new loot system, drops Common Helmet, Gloves - Rare Helmet,
  • Improved - when equipping loot finding date is displayed and stats sorted nicer
  • Improved - stats show on equipped items mouse hover


  • Working on loot system


  • Working on loot system


  • Improved - Account page - removed no badges from account page since most player won't have badges
  • Improved - Account page - Zeppelin game now shows players record correctly (and not New Record right after start)


  • Improved - Adventures - integrating helmet loot from Chibi Cave dungeon (so Chibis can equip it)
  • Improved - Adventures - hands cloth drop added
  • Improved - tx crawler skips transactions idleing longer than 1 day blocking the queue
  • New - tx crawler now counts fusions, too (which might come in handy for daily reward loot or stats in general)


  • New - Adventures - first "dungeon" was released, this is an enhanced version of scavenger missions with juicy loot


  • New - Account page - if you own FCF (Founder token) they will now show on your account page
  • Improved - Zeppelin game - reasonable size on desktop


  • New - Various page - shows various stats, currently a list of traits, it's Chibis and owners
  • New - Account page - open all normal loot boxes, button
  • Improved - Account page - changing account name is now possible once a week


  • New - Weapons - added weapons 40, 41
  • New - Weapons - added support for whips, or weapon that are behind and infront a Chibi (weapon gene 41)
  • Improved - Adventure page - starting an adventure with too little coins now has a proper popup window with details what to do about that and what is missing
  • Improved - Clan lending - Chibi owners will receive 3x the amount of their lent Chibi, delivered in loot box for easier understanding. Lenders still only need to pay 1x price of Chibi
  • Improved - Account page, Visitme page - adding placeholder texts for no name, no email


  • New - Daily Rewards - claim daily rewards, become king of the longest streak


  • Improved - Account page - hints for adventures and battles if none were performed, to guide new players
  • Improved - Account page - adding total adventures, battles fought


  • New - General - new loot system, allowing for a wider range of loot (currently 3 different potions can be found, but way more to come)
  • Improved - Account page - adding more loot chest art
  • Improved - Visitme page - adding adventures, coin battles, shard battles total


  • Improved - Coin tapping game - leaderboard only updates when score better, not worse! doh


  • New - When hovering over login ETHcrystal active players are displayed
  • Improved - Leaderboards now link to visitme pages of players
  • Improved - Detail Chibi page - owner link now points to visitme page


  • New - Coin tapping game - leaderboard integration
  • Improved - Events page - mobile friendly


  • New - Account page - added buy garry coffee button
  • New - Account page - timezone can be set (e.g. for times in adventure popup and events list)
  • Improved - Zeppelin game - red/green light shows ETHShards availability
  • Improved - Account page - Clan Chibis sorted by Date added, newest first
  • Improved - Adventure Loot Popup - nicer date display and timezone applied
  • Improved - Timezone - timezone returns Europe (05. Jul - 10:56) and US style (Jul. 05 - 01:56am) depending if europe is selected or not


  • New - visitme page - check your account page for the link
  • Improved - index.php - adding some animation
  • Improved - Transfer Chibi, wallet hint disappears when entering a wallet
  • Improved - Chibi Detail page - shows account name instead of wallet if applicable
  • Improved - Chibi Detail page - wallet will only display 12 digits for privacy
  • Fixed - Leaderboards - sort by Player working again


  • Improved - Zeppelin game - Now emits ETHShards if available, missing one will make it respawn after 200m, 1st one emits at 1000m
  • Improved - Zeppelin game - Ground is now damaging, after all it's a forest


  • Improved - Seasons - fixing couple issues with loot distribution and winning photo creation


  • New - Leaderboard for Zeppelin Coin game
  • New - Live battles, can your mind strategise enough? Live Battles
  • Improved - Adding Clan Banner to Zeppeling Leaderboard
  • Improved - Zeppelin game - After reaching record, counter will swap to normal distance counter


  • New - Brand new Coin game, also loot will be delivered via loot box
  • Improved - tapping coin game reduced to 2h, zeppelin coin game 4h cooldown
  • Fixed - Chibis waiting for a fight can no longer go on an adventure (otherwise people trying to challenge you can't, because you are not in town)


  • Improved - All Chibis and Fusion Lab Chibis pages now have first and last buttons
  • Improved - Fusion Lab Chibis sort now newest to oldest placed on lab


  • Improved - Bought crystals will be delivered in special loot box on account page
  • Improved - Chibi conversions split on conversion page (returning 15%!)
  • Fixed - Conversion ETH sum now matches USD sum


  • New - Replays for Seasons (Player can spot Cheater)
  • Fixed - Season Leaderboard will show players and chibis until next season starts
  • Fixed - Big issue with owner addresses being checksummed vs. not (mismatches in searches etc.)
  • Improved - Chibis out adventuring can no longer go to war


  • Improved - coin game now has refresh block like minotaur game had


  • Improved - weapon 10 is no longer invisible, Chibis will now wear it just like any other weapon


  • Improved - all domains forward you to which is now our main domain
  • Improved - Clan banners on all pages
  • New - added 2 new lore stories
  • New - adding coin/shard battles total to accounts (this is not frontend yet, it will be used for achievements etc.)


  • Fixed - Certain conditions didn't lead to leaderboard entry
  • Improved - Add glow button only appears if glow not applied yet
  • Improved - Chibi select screens now optimized for mobile, too
  • New - adding adventure total to accounts (this is not frontend yet, it will be used for achievements etc.)


  • Improved - A lot better mobile experience


  • Improved - Merging info portal into main site
  • New - Adding goldbag aka. how to make money with Chibis guide


  • Fixed - Battles working again
  • Fixed - Bug when very first battle of a Chibi is a draw (resulted in db crash)
  • Improved - Seasons are now marked in db, which will allow for historic charts


  • Improved - Loot box opening no longer triggers refresh of page
  • Fixed - Pages that can be displayed without MM/account can now be seen again


  • Improved - Chibis exp added at adventure end, not loot box opening (that way if lent to Clan you don't have to wait for them to open the box to get the exp)
  • New - Chibis are now exhausted after an adventure


  • New - adding Legendary Fragments mechanics
  • Improved - detail page of Chibis better on mobiles
  • Improved - Chibis can be removed and set for clan while out adventuring
  • Improved - moved discord widget icon to bottom left
  • Fixed - adding Clan/owned Chibis to adventure popup window now has cancel functions (and does not show infinite Loading..)


  • Improved - removed Minotaur event reminder from battle replays
  • Fixed - At end of Minotaur event no longer popup warning


  • Improved - adding contract addresses on index.php
  • Implementing Chibi RPG stats


  • Improved - max width for pages and a nice edge shadow
  • Improved - index, detail, owned list, Chibi Banner better sized


  • Improved - Creation of new referral account back working
  • New - Chibi detail page - now shows wins and losses, too
  • New - Chibi detail page - adding weapons tab (v1.0)
  • New - Clan Page shows total amount of your clans db


  • Improved - updating discord widget and displaying on more pages
  • Improved - Minotaur World Event banner hidden on clan.php page (since that is actual page of event)
  • Improved - All pages with small Chibi images - name clickable and clicking Chibi activates loading notification
  • Improved - Account page - Clan Chibis show return times if they are out adventuring
  • Improved - Chibi detail page - Chibi shows return time if it is out adventuring
  • Improved - Chibi detail page - no longer split on mobile
  • Improved - Login Crystal shows name and better position on mobile
  • Improved - Chibi Fighters link in header now points to index.php and not


  • New - Minotaur event starts
  • New - View transactions or pending payouts queue (of your wallet only)


  • Finishing Minotaur event


  • Working on Minotaur event


  • New - Adding a little tour popup for some pages to make easier for new players


  • Improved - Gas estimates are now better, as long as you don't temper with them BuyGen0 and BuywithFCF will go through
  • New - Integrated battle cooldown
  • Improved - Updating FAQ in info portal
  • Improved - Referral system updated to accomodate new server locations (nothing to do on your end, except the conversion page is now at:
  • Fixed - Random adventures showing up on your adventure list. Introduced by clan lending. Basically the filter needs to show Chibis that are not yours. Somewhere in there it did think the adventure belonged to you, because the Chibi did. The correct wallet received the loot, but you were left with an illusion. Now adventures are correctly displayed for the correct wallet.
  • Improved - Merging chibigame and chibifighters domains: final solution offer: - straight to game - straight to game - straight to info portal Reflinks pointing to e.g. will of course work normally, new links generating as


  • Improved - Chibis out adventuring can not go to battle
  • Improved - Chibi selection screen shows details of conditions that need to be met
  • Improved - Owned Chibis - Chibis waiting for battle - now shows Chibis waiting for battle
  • Fixed - Owned Chibis - Chibis in locked battles - removed since this condition doesn't exist momentarily
  • Backend work


  • New - Badges System. Tournament winners received special loot box with badge. Account bound
  • lots of backend work integrating PLAT as payment for Chibi Weapons


  • Improved - adding new coin game (great on mobile)


  • Improved - adding loot distribution for tournaments


  • New - Tournaments


  • Coding tournament logic


  • New - Adding option to buy ETHCrystals
  • New - Adding Battles for Shards (which is battle for ETH in the end)
  • New - Buy ETHCrystals via PLAT (BitGuilds currency)
  • Fixed - When someone accepts a battle, but someone else was faster full costs will be returned


  • Fixed - Sending Chibi on missions without claiming loot led to disappearing chests once you claimed one chest.
  • New - Adding group feature to scavenger missions


  • Fixed - Coin wins were taken when ETHShard wins were won. e.g 10 Coin wins would turn into 11 ETHShard wins in leaderboard
  • New - Leaderboards split up into Coins and ETHShards boards (ETHShards are battles for Ether)
  • New - Cookie for display scavenger loot popup (turn off for 1 week)
  • New - Payout bot. Once you reached the threshold of 3 approved payouts it will automatically pay your wallet


  • New - Locked wallet reminder
  • Wip - Writing payout bot


  • Wip - Writing payout bot


  • Improved - Create Account reminder not shown on account page, which can trigger an infinite loop
  • New - Test Server - Adding Battles for Shards (which is battle for ETH in the end)
  • New - Adding Crystals to payout queue
  • New - Added conversion Crystals -> Shards
  • New - Separating test server (completely separate from main server)
  • Removing on chain battles due to intense cost


  • New - Added conversion Shards -> Crystals
  • New - Added Plains and Doom battle background


  • New - Added Top20 Top10 lists on Clan Page
  • New - Warning on Account page when Island is depleted
  • Fixed - Looking at other wallets now does not reset your account
  • Improved - Account page shows total amount that can be claimed from Cystals (also in USD)
  • Working on weapon contract


  • Fixed - Major bug that returned Crystals as it did Shards
  • New - Scavenger Missions can return ETHShards and ETHCrystals
  • Improved - Avatar on Account page now in highres
  • Working on weapon contract


  • New - Revealing OpenSea Chibi
  • Improved - Chibis battleroar can be changed off chain (refresh button on detail page will reset it and sync with blockchain roar)
  • Improved - Chibis name can be changed off chain (refresh button on detail page will reset it and sync with blockchain name)
  • Changed - Clan Exp after battles new formula: ceil(rand(20,30) * (your rarity + 1) / 2) = 20-60 (before 20-120)
  • Improved - randomizing Clan order in Clan select screen


  • Fixed - mystery of many loot boxes or loot not matching what you actually received (in short the loot server created echo entries, this is under surveillance now, it should be fixed, but we need further testing)
  • Fixed - detail and fusion lab fuse with button (only works with account now)
  • Fixed - in all_chibis.php the Fuse with button works now
  • Added various reminders for "not logged in"


  • Fixed - common Chibis can now once again be set for clan
  • New - Adding new traits
    Leader, Commander, Guide, Pioneer, Harbinger, Prime, Discoverer
  • New - Adding Clan Experience
  • Fixed major bug in Coins rewarded after battle
  • Added link to Chibi in loot box pop up
  • Fixed adventure server bug


  • First Clan page
  • Updating referral program
  • Testing Adventures
  • Adding Banners in Leaderboards


  • Leaderboard shows last replays too
  • Player Leaderboard. KD Ratio for Player and Chibi Board
  • Clan select screen shows Banners and Descriptions


  • Editing Clans now works correctly
  • Fixing account change detection
  • Fixing account page constant loading
  • Updating Coin game to not zoom on double tap
  • Update Coins feeback screen with more infos
  • Creating Account Server to prevent abuse


  • Go To War button won't show if not logged in
  • Adding wallet verification for proof of wallet ownership
  • Adding cookie based account system for convenience


  • Adding draws in local brawls leaderboards
  • Adding EXP gain from battles
  • Adding Banner to Battle Replays
  • Various text outcomes for battle moves
  • Removing Kiss World Event
  • Setting up local brawls


  • test server - Setting up Adventure Server


  • test server - Setting up Adventure Loot System
  • test server - Setting up Battles (need to revisit battle solver)


  • test server - Setting up Scavenger Missions


  • test server - Adding Adventures page
  • Adding "Cancel from Clan" on Chibi Detail page
  • Updating tx-crawler (no longer creates infinity echoes and removes txes after X amount tries, e.g. transactions that created a txid but never arrive on Blockchain (however that is done))
  • renaming events.php to world_events.php


  • Adding "Set to Clan" on Chibi Detail page
  • Adding 4th Fusion Combination result
  • Swapping Header img for jpg


  • Adding accounts
  • Adding coins currency
  • Adding clans
  • Supporting more language symbols
  • Adding account page, adding some temp icons to menu
  • Fusion Lab filter and/or, adding Mystery Traits


  • Updating battle solver to work with node.js and web1.0.0
  • Duct taping Battle Replay together
  • Swapped Genes contract (removed Boss Chibis, added battle exhaust)
  • Hide Add Glow button for Babies
  • Filters for Fusion Lab
  • Updaing ?idp to return full dna as array
  • Wrapping up Kiss the Squid Contest


  • Updating API, adding documentation (plain JSON query)
  • Making and work without the need for MM (or any web3 object)
  • Squid leaderboard updates and winning pool announcement


  • Adding world event to menu bar (kiss the Squid atm)
  • Bit more documenting on API Battle Contract
  • Adding refresh button on Chibi Detail page, this will update the database with current blockchain data


  • Since roar might be clipped the hint shows entire roar
  • Detail page better formatting when long names/roars
  • Rename Chibi nicer
  • Change Battle Roar nicer
  • Transfer Chibi wider address field to show entire address
  • Adding scrollbar to Chibi Selector Screen


  • Adding Offspring to detail page
  • Player can enter
    instead of
  • Writing change detector crawler


  • Adding logging system for all changes. e.g. name change, fused etc. So the bot only needs to crawl these tx-es to see which Chibi changed.
  • Creating bot that only crawls Chibis not in DB, so it doesn't take forever for new Chibis to show
  • Adding $ to unescape symbol
  • Sort all Chibis descending order
  • Fixing 0 cooldown issue
  • Updating wiki
  • Adding Globetrotter and No Horses! traits for Gen1+ Chibis in replacement of Fusion Sucks and Fusion Addict


  • Adding hash when hovering over Chibi name (so I have a chance of debugging on images)
  • Adding OpenSea as Marketplace in dropdown
  • Starting API documentation
  • Adding generation of "no weapon" Chibi images
  • Adding founder glow
  • Fixing Custom Fusion Price issue
  • OpenSea working on cached baby images solution

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