The Hunt

protect the island and kill a mean ork boss

I know some of you are drowning in bounty contracts, and the hunt might not get them down by a lot, but it will be the most fun Chibis released yet.

For the lazy bums out there:

  • get a Chibi to level 1 e.g. go on an adventure, play some battles, then spend your XP to buy a skill point
  • get some gear from the market or adventures
  • start The Hunt, have fun


Warrior! Terrible things are happening on the island.

The merchants ship returned with an entire Ork possey on board! They are building a camp on the other side of the island and first scouts are approaching the city.

Fight them off, take down as many as you can.



Select a Chibi, this will be your warrior fighting off as many orks as he/she can. Don’t worry about dying, it will revive at the same wave it was knocked down. But so does the ork.

Trick is to get XP, gear, level up your Chibi until you reach wave 75.

This is where the boss is waiting for you.

It is not an easy task, and a level 1 Chibi won’t come far, but you can always kill one or two more orks after reviving and each kill gives you xp.
So hop over to your Chibis detail page, buy some skill points in the RPG tab, use them, equip some gear and try again. You can do it!


To raise the bar even higher, there will be gems in those loot boxes (only normal hunt, no gems in hunt extreme).
They are a rare drop and very valuable.

Find the crystal cave here

There is a pot of ETHShards that need distributing, and the amount will be simply split among all gem holders that put their gems in the pot.

Let’s say there is 1 ETH in the pot, that would be 16000 ETHShards.
Now player 1 adds 10 gems to the pot.
Player 2 adds 20 gems to the pot.
That makes a total of 30 gems.

16000 divided by 30 = 533 ETHShards per gem.

So player 1 receives 10×533 = 5330 ETHShards, whopping 0.34 ETH
And player 2 receives 20×533 = 10660 ETHShards, whopping 0.66 ETH

Instant payout!

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