Lizard People

They are scaly, they are mean, they are Chibis worst nightmare

There are only 3 Lizard People in existence

No one knows where they come from or what they want on the island. But everyone knows one thing, they love to eat Chibi Fighters.

That alone would be horrible enough, but each Lizard People owns a pet lizard too! And as cute as that might sound, they are not really cute pets, they are humongous creatures that love to .. you guessed that one right .. eat Chibis as well!


Crystal Cave

They are attracted by the crystal cave like flies to their poo. No one knows what they do there, but they eagerly swap Gems for ETHShards. Which is a great way to make money.

Complete a constantly rotating daily task collection and earn gems by playing Chibi Fighters.

Currently there are over 25$ every 7 days being spread among everyone.

Lizard People Game

Besides the Crystal Cave Lizard People love to gamble, too. They play a simple little number guessing game.

Find it right here

But to keep things interesting each guessed number will be revealed. The more numbers are guessed, the higher the chance to strike the winning number.

This is in experimental stage, so please leave feedback on discord if you like or dislike it.

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