Halloween Auctions

Time for some frights and scares

Over here we are having exclusive auctions for these 4 fellas

They are legendary and the only ones in existence. Of course they are just meant as a gimmick for Halloween but they are fully fledged Chibis.

They are ready for the hunt and fully animated.


Auction end times

23.10. 23:59pm UTC : Pumpkinhead 1 auction ends
27.10. 23:59pm UTC : Pumpkinhead 2 auction ends
31.10. 23:30pm UTC : Pumpkinhead 3 auction ends
31.10. 23:59pm UTC : Frankie auction ends

Starting times will be on the Halloween page once that is uploaded.

Besides being legendary and having all sorts of benefits on cool-downs, they come with a 0 fusion counter, are gen 0 and have some very unique traits.



They all come with Trick or Treat and Scary traits.

Trick or Treat: this one is a mystery trait in the 9000+ range, not revealed yet but I am sure it will be something funny. Best of it all, it comes in slots 1 and 2, so fusion with your Chibi will be very likely since there is a great chance to inherit that trait.

Scary: This trait comes in slot 3, hence it can not be inherited. After all you are scary and not your offspring. It will be similar to a stun effect.

Auction will launch later this month.



But boys, do they have a sweet treat in for you!
They come preloaded with weapons for our upcoming contract.

You will literally be the only owner of these weapons, there is no other way of getting them but to claim them with your Halloween Chibi.

You ever felt like spanking someone with corn? Time to do that.
Pumpkinheads come with the corn weapon.

And ye good old wrench, I am sure it packs a punch.
Only Frankie comes with that piece of well melt metal.





Hop over to our auction page and join the bidding.

Come visit us and join the slaughterfest

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Assets for media outlets

© Chibi Fighters, be a good sport

Frankie, he comes with a wrench as weapon
Wrench, Frankies weapon of choice
Pumpkinhead, he comes with a corn club
Ye good old corn club, spank dat ..
mood pic of Frankie
Mood pic of Pumpkinhead
every page needs a bat 🙂
and a candle
and a scary pumpkin

Thank you for everything! Have a fantastic day 🙂

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