discord welcome

The ring to rule them all

Crafty Chibis constructed a couple ring of discords. Great bling for any warrior.

claim your ring of discord today

Just hop over to your account page (you don’t even need to own a Chibi) and take note of your code. Then click the discord link, join our discord, and paste the code in the claim-secret-loot channel.

You are now proud owner of the ring of discord. Magnificent.

Offers a neat crit bonus, damage and some hp.
It can be the final hit you survive, or that one crit to take down The Hunt extremes underboss Jack.

A ring that shouldn’t be missing in any collection. And heck, put it on the market if you are feeling lucky.
Because what is better than one ring? Snacker di snack, that is right, two rings 🙂

two rings, you gotta be kidding me!

Join the fun and don’t forget, we have an entire page dedicated describing all the ways how Chibi makes you money.

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