Daily Rewards Tiers

Nothing better than some loot

Daily Rewards are a new system to get you some great loot.
You can find them here

sweet loot for a daily “hello”

Wait a minute, my friend has tons better loot
There are 3 Tiers that can be reached.

Tier 0

That is your entry tier.

Tier 0, is for casual players, they grant you pretty cool loot, but of course do have some limits.
Get easy coins and potions that will grant you access to the Chibi Cave. Our first “serious” adventure and a bunch of bounties to do The Hunt.

Tier 1

Tier 1, that’s where the fun starts. To get access to this tier you will need a bit more beef on your account, to be precise:

  • You need to buy at least 1 ETHCrystal (that’s ~50cents, so pretty fair)
  • You need to complete at least 11 adventures (easily accomlished with a frenzy Chibi, or even better Founder, no problem)
  • You also need to be fight proven, 11 Coin Battles and 11 ETHShard battles must be completed

And voila, tier 1 is yours.

Tier 2

Tier 2, that’s what you’ve seen at your friends daily rewards probably, that’s where the juicy stuff is handed out. And guess what, it’s super easy to accomplish.

All you need for tier 2 is

  • You need to buy at least 5 ETHCrystals total, not per transaction, past buys count, no worries, done.
  • Alternatively complete 2 Fusions if you don’t want to buy any ETHCrystals
  • In either case you must finish at least 21 adventures

Bam, Tier 2! Awesome

Uhm, I don’t know, do I get something cool?

Ether and legendary fragments, that’s the pinnacle of might in Chibis.

Tier 0

lots of coins, bounties and potions, great for casual player to get easy access to high level dungeons or the hunt.

Tier 1

coins, bounties, ETHShards, ETHCrystals and potions!!! yeah that’s the one

Tier 2

coins, bounties, ETHShards, ETHCrystals, potions and legendary fragments! holy shazam you want in on that, right now.

There you go, that is our secret formula. Be aware that it does have a 4 week rotation at the moment. But your streak will not reset. Very important if you want to accomplish a longest streak record.

Activating a new tier does NOT reset your streak, your rewards will just be better the next day.

As always, lots and lots of decisions to make, and of course, who will be the king of the longest streak? Horst! Are we even tracking that yet?!
pretty sure we are

Enjoy your daily rewards 🙂

They also come in this very shiny loot box

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