Chibi Fighters – Ultimate beginners guide

Welcome noble warrior, are you ready to make some Ether?

Last updated: 9/28/2018

Quick Read

  1. Get a Chibi on OpenSea or buy a Gen0
  2. Create a Chibi account here
  3. Play the Coin and Zeppelin game on your account page
  4. Select your Chibi and start a fight local brawls
  5. Send it on a Scavenger Mission in adventures or even dare to go on a special adventure like the chibi cave
  6. Maybe fuse with another Chibi to create a new one (no one loses Chibi)
  7. Go on the hunt (great gear and gems reward), or if completed, grind the hunt extreme, even better gear and gems
  8. Complete daily tasks on your account page to get gems
  9. Get real ether either by adding gems to the crystal cave or winning the Lizard People game
  10. rinse and repeat ..


Get a Chibi Fighter

Without a warrior you are nothing but a long forgotten tale.

Buy a Gen0 Chibi Fighter here. They are pristine. Currently 30 different Gen0 Chibis exist. Real fun starts when fusing with others. All sorts of wacko creations spring into existence and no one loses their Chibi.

The Wait

Our systems work offchain so we need to sync with the blockchain first. Just because your Chibi is confirmed, doesn’t mean it will show up on the website just yet. Patience.

Use the time to join discord and say hello. Someone is on their 24/7 so ask away if you have a question. It is a steep learning curve after all.

An Account

Find your account page here

Our main philosophy is: Free to Play — One Chibi to rule them all.
If you have a Chibi you have access to all our services and there will be many.

You have to sign a message our server generates. You can only sign that message if you are owner of the wallet that requests it. So we don’t need a password.

First thing, click Play Coin Game and collect as many coins as you can. They make it possible to fight coin battles.

Next hit the Play Zeppelin Game and collect even more coins and maybe even an ETHShard or two (lamp needs to be green, if it’s red there are currently no shards available)

Your account page. It presents you all sorts of infos

If you want to show off to your friends you can send them a link to your visitme page. Find it at the top left below Welcome.

Daily tasks

On your account page are daily tasks that rotate each day, they are a fantastic way to earn gems.

daily tasks are the best way to earn gems

Most tasks are simply and don’t require you spending shards or crystals. Some tasks however do include “buy 1 ether chest” and other premium things. They will yield a lot more gems in return but are totally not mandatory. Just wait for the refresh and do free tasks.

Once you gathered some gems, you can also get them in the hunt, put them in the crystal cave where you might be rewarded with real ether (you can convert ETHShards into ETHCrystals and request a payout in real ether).

Crystal cave

The crystal cave is a great place to get paid for playing Chibis. Put your gems in there and if you are lucky get ether in return.

If you are not having that many Chibis to grind the hunt extreme for gems it would be best to stash some gems first before putting them in the cave.

The pot is cut on a contribution base but the smallest nominator is 1 ETHShard. If there are too many gems in the pot and you would receive 0.8 shards you would sadly receive nothing.
In that case I would wait for the ending time to appear, click the Add Gems to cave button and see how many you would have to add to get at least 1 shard. But even then the actual amount will be higher since shortly before the cave flushes everyone adds a lot of gems.

Your Chibis

Chibi Fighters is very complex, but in it’s core it’s easy peasy.
Get a Chibi, start some Fights, earn Coins, Ether or Glory.
But there is this massive layer of complexity underneath.

If you dare to peel the onion you won’t just cry. You will cry for more!

So you got your first Chibi, find it here

Now click on it, it will get you to the detail page of a Chibi.

Detailed information of a Chibi

You can browse any Chibi via:

Stats | Weapon: these are 2 tabs. Stats is what you see in the image above (RPG has been merged into it, not seen here), these are your rpg stats like strength, health, energy etc. This is a chapter on its own, find it COMING SOON
Weapon tab is just a placeholder for now

Proud Owner: Name of owner, click it to see their visitme page to see all their Chibis etc.

Transfer Chibi |Refresh symbol: Transfer Chibi lets you transfer the Chibi (ERC721 token) to any other wallet, the Refresh symbol will force a manual sync of Blockchain data. This can be desired if our crawlers didn’t catch something or your time is on a budget.

25.2 days old: The age of a Chibi, nothing special about it

Gen 0: The generation of a Chibi. Gen0 can have a bonus or two. More about Generations further down

Fusion Counter: Careful, important! With every fusion your fusion counter increases. Whenever a fusion occurs both parties get a +1. Consequences: The higher this counter, the longer it takes for the Chibi to recover from a fusion, this can be a maximum of 10 days. No fights, adventures or other fusions can be done during that time. Make sure your fusion is offered for a good price.

Ancestors: Not in here since it’s a Gen0, but if you have ancestors they would be listed here.

Offspring: Chibis you produced via fusions are listed here. Since most Chibis are male, scientists take blood and combine it to create new Chibis.

DNA: It’s explained a little further down. It is the core of a Chibi, but important stats are in a readable format presented to you (like rarity, gen, traits etc.)

Traits: Traits are what makes Chibis. Each Chibi has some traits. Meaning it’s good at that. Some have benefits, some are sucky. But generally they all have a benefit in one situation or another. You can only inherit Trait 1 and Trait 2, Trait 3 can never be inherited. You can inherit traits by fusing with that Chibi. Scientists take a drop of blood and combine it, so no player loses their Chibi.

Set for Fusion: This button will send your Chibi on Craigs List. Anyone can fuse with you as long as they pay the price. Great way of making ETH if you have good traits.

Set for Clan: Clans are another great part of Chibis. Here you can set your Chibi to be accessed by your Clan members. The price is determined by rarity. Nothing you can do about that. Teaming up for adventures yields great bonuses and is a great way to idle away. Just set your Chibi for Clan (even if you are in none) and come back after a day or two to find lots of loot boxes in your account.

Region: This is your Chibis Region. Basically the flag you carry. It is just used for Leaderboards, more of a personal preference. It does not yield any bonus.

Set Avatar: You can set your Avatar with this button. It is not used in a lot of places yet, but on your account page it will define the Chibi you see.

Set Badge: If you own a badge you can set it here. Currently only season and tournament badges exist.

Move 1–5: Here you can set your moves if you want to go to war. That will most likely change in the future. For now just select your 5 coaching moves and send your Chibi off to battle queue. Of course there will be another popup that will ask you for coins or shards. Coins are the free currency you can earn in various ways. While shards can be swapped for crystals and guess what, crystals can be swapped for real Ether.

Battle options. play for coins are real ether (shards)


Find open battles here (generally it’s best to start one, rather than look for one, they are gone so fast)

Find live battles here, best to give a holler on discord that you are online, just so it’s faster to find someone and you can yell at each other on discord.

As for the moves, just think rock, paper and scissors. The core module is just that. There are more battle modes to come of course.
But this core module means — No leveling, no special traits, plain battle field. Quick and casual fun

Chibis have 3 battle moves

A straight stab at your opponent

A wide swing with your weapon

A swift move trying to evade the enemy

For easy understanding just think

Swing — Rock
Stab— Paper
Dodge— Scissor

Open Battles

You can find all Chibis waiting for a fight, here.


Once you fought a battle for two, hop over to the leaderboards and see where you are at. (they take really long to load, we were not expecting that amount of battles, we will optimize them in the future)


Find a more in depth blog about clans here
Clans are like your team, you can gain clan experience and lend Chibis to your Clan.

This is currently just a rough setup. A lot more will happen with clans in the future. Find some statistics for now here


You can swap freely between clans by clicking your clan banner on your account page, but changing clans will lose all your clan exp, don’t be a clan hopper.


Adventures are the heart and soul of a good explorer Chibi. Here you can find experience, coins, bounty contracts, ETHShards and ETHCrystals.

Find the adventure page here


Every Chibi can start a scavenger mission. The 1+ it yields some basic loot, great to start out on.


Once you gathered some advanced gear you can go on the first special adventure, the Chibi Cave 3+. You need to buy skillpoints on your Chibi detail page. That is how you level a Chibi. And of course spend them. E.g. increase your physique to get health and damage in.


While your Chibi is out adventuring have a read how traits of your Chibi affect the outcome of an adventure, over herethe introduction of ETHShards and ETHCrystals here and the impact of traits on themhere.

Some will reward you with more experience, higher droprates for ETHShards, bounty contracts, all sorts of things can happen.

You can hire Clan Chibis to join you on your adventures which will return even more loot and often reduce the adventure time. Of course if you take a lazy bum along it will extend the adventure time. But either way it’s twice the loot! The more the merrier.

The Hunt

Once you completed an adventure or two, got some gear you are ready for some serious gameplay.
You can now start the hunt and defeat waves of foes and even a boss. Great loot and gems are your reward.

Fight RPG style battles in the hunt
Once you completed the normal hunt, the hunt extreme will unlock. You can grind it as often as you like. Even better loot awaits, but it is a lot tougher. You might consider grabbing an item or two on the market from another player.

The market

Some players just don’t have time to grind or just want to get basic gear fast.
The market is a perfect place for that. You can buy items from other players for great prices.

Find great loot on the player market

Infused items

Infused items are the best item money can buy. They will contain a legendary fragment which is really hard to obtain. Either by claiming your daily reward for 2 weeks straight, or winning in seasons.


What it means is that you defuse the item in your inventory. This will destroy the item, BUT you are now owner of a legendary fragment.

Legendary fragments

A legendary fragment is really hard to obtain. Either by claiming your daily reward for 2 weeks straight being in the highest tier, or winning in seasons.
Easier is to just buy an infused item as described above.

Now that you own a legendary fragment you can convert any common item into a legendary item! And you can repeat that process over and over again. However your item is destroyed in the process.

It’s not that hard to stumble upon common gear though, get a couple, infuse, defuse until you have something you like.
Stats of the original item don’t matter, just the type remains the same, the rest will be rolled as for a legendary item drop.


Here you can find events that occurred with your Chibis. It is heavy work in progress area. For now it just shows new Chibis and battles that finished.

Fusion Lab

This is the place to go if you want to inherit new traits or just create a new Chibi for your Adventures and battles.

In the Fusion Lab here

You can filter Chibis by rarity and trait 1 and 2. Trait 3 is not listed here since you can never inherit it, so fusion won’t give it to you.

The Chibi itself does not return any special looks. A new fusion is a random gene string. If you are lucky you can even get a legendary.

How does trait inheritance work?

Let’s say you fuse with a Chibi that has traits Frenzy and Lab Crazy, let’s call it mother for simplicity. While your Chibi has Rage, Aggro, let’s call it father for the time being.
Then you have 5 possible outcomes:

  1. father trait, mother trait, random (Rage, Lab Crazy, Random)
  2. mother trait, father trait, random (Frenzy, Aggro, Random)
  3. father trait, father trait, random (Rage, Aggro, Random)
  4. mother trait, mother trait, random (Frenzy, Lab Crazy, Random)
  5. random, random, random (Random, Random, Random)

Mystery Traits

Lizard people have great, strong, unique traits to inherit

Mystery traits are traits not revealed yet. Generally they start at 9000 in DNA sequence.

You can only inherit them from special Chibis.

They are very valuable and will play a vital role in the upcoming RPG.


The DNA of a Chibi looks like this

DNA sequence of a Chibi Fighter

Let’s look at the last 5 numbers. 1, 4, 36, 42, 37

Rarity: 1 is the rarity, in this case a rare Chibi (0-common, 1-rare, 2-mythic, 3-legendary)

Fusion counter: 4 is the fusion counter that increases with each fusion. The higher, the longer the Chibi will be exhausted after a fusion. It can not fuse or go to battle/adventures when it’s exhausted.

Traits: Last 3 numbers define the traits. In this case 36, 42, 37 and the numbers stand for Architect, Aggro, Archaeologist. If you offer your Chibi for a fusion, someone fusing with it can inherit trait 1 and 2, Architect and Aggro in this case. While the last trait, in this case Archaeologist, can never be inherited.


Chibis have 4 rarity classes. They can occur anytime. A legendary Chibi can be any Chibi, though special Chibis are always Legendary.

0 — Common — 750 out of 999 Chibis will be rare

1 — Rare —170 out of 999 Chibis will be rare

2 — Myth — 74 out of 999 Chibis will be myth

3 — Legendary — only 5 in 999 Chibis will be legendary

Rarity plays a role on most cooldowns or loot a Chibis can find. The better the Chibi the more loot or faster recovery.

More channels


Founder Token

If you participated in the Founder Sale you will have a FCF Token which you can approve here
And once it is approved you can buy a Founder Chibi.

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