Chibi Fighters is coming to Tron

Which better match for the critically acclaimed blockchain hit Chibi Fighters then TRON.

Starting Friday Dec 7th 5pm UTC our presale will go live. If we can raise enough funds, Chibi Fighters will create a counterpart on TRON.

The natural competition between the two blockchains fits perfectly into the notion of Chibis. A fighting game.
Think Alliance and Horde.


3 stage presale

Day 1 – massive 50% discount of sale price

Day 2-8 – mellow 30% discount of sale price

Day 9+ normal sale price (which is still superb value)

March 31st 2019 – presale ends

The sale price is currently set at 690 TRX


Founder token?

You can buy TRC20 token, normal currency token. 1 FCF (Founder token) equals 1 Founder Chibi Fighter. You can keep the token, sell them, buy them etc. You can swap them for a Founder Chibi Fighter once the presale is successful.

The token just guarantees 1 Founder Chibi Fighter, not which one. There is no way to buy a specific Chibi Fighter. Best to get couple FCFs just in case.


Founders in a nutshell

  • Fantastic value
  • Free Legendary weapon
  • Traits unique to Founders
    Including Founder trait, fantastic benefit on cooldowns
  • Gen0
  • Fusion Counter 0
    Normal Chibis start with 2. Incredible low penalty on creating new Chibi
  • Founder badge
  • Optional Founder Glow


What will the future be like?

For Chibi Fighters Ethereum nothing will change. Things will keep going strong as they do.

Chibi Fighters TRX edition will become a second server on which we will start with the Founder presale. Great chance to grab one of those Founders, now that you know their incredible value.

However cross blockchain battles will be integrated and we plan to merge markets, too, where possible.

Chibi Fighters as a brand will grow stronger and the opportunity will bring new players and content.

Find everything you need to know over at the TRX portal



Worst case scenario?

With crypto being butchered on a daily basis we do see a steep decline in interest in crypto games in general.
Chibi Fighters as a whole offers tons of free content, so we are not really affected by it.

However we do need to sell enough Founders so we can simply finance all the additional work that needs to be done to facilitate both eco systems. After all TRON is similar, not identical.

If, god forbid, we can not raise enough funds to justify entering TRON you will be able to withdraw your TRX from the Founder token contract.


What is your experience with TRON so far?

From a players perspective I didn’t really see a lot of content besides the usual gambling games.
A game like Chibi Fighters is urgently needed.

From an investors perspective I see a lot of technical questions in chats, but I think with TRON pushing hard on marketing and having fantastic plans for 2019 this might as well be the best investment of the year.

From a developers perspective there are various things done wrong, their version of remix (tron-studio) for example is really painful to use. There are various front-end issues too like querying what network you are on, if the wallet is locked etc. However, they are doing so many things better, that so far it was a real joy working with TRON.

Not to mention with the latest metamask update things just getting worse on Ethereum we are all quiet happy to explore TRON a bit more in depth.


Come visit us and join the slaughter fest









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