Chibi Fighters — Micro Guide

Day of a Chibi Fighters player

  1. Get an account (free)
  2. Join a clan (free)
  3. Get a Chibi (Gen0 best)
  4. Play free coin tap game (get free coins)
  5. Play free zeppelin game (try to win Ether)
  6. Have a live fight, or set Chibi for local brawl (win Ether or coins)
  7. Claim daily reward while waiting for cooldown of Chibi (great loot)
  8. Set Chibi for clan lending (you get loot)
  9. Send Chibi on an adventure (get loot)
  10. Add some Chibis to his adventure (more loot!)
  11. Complete your daily tasks (gems)
  12. Add gems to crystal cave (Ether)
  13. Since Chibi is set to clan lending you can come back tomorrow or later and some loot will wait in your account for you! maybe even tradebale loot (Ether)
  14. Set Chibi for fusion and maybe someone fuses with it! (Ether, no Chibi is lost)
  15. Sell gear from adventures on market (Ether)

OMAGOWD I am fainting!

More sources of information


Account page alone has tons to offer


yes there are clans!


Prime time mini games (win Ether)


great daily login rewards


battles for ether: off chain! no gas cost


adventures, loot, team up with clan members!


loot market for ether! that is it, I am getting a Chibi!!!!!


set your Chibi for clan lending! and you will come back to this, ohhh yeah

more to come ..

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