Most Influential in Blockchain 2018

Final auction day today! Good luck to all you amazing people.

Own a true influencer


You can bid on Brenna Sparks or Glen Weyl, both are fully functional Chibi Fighters and tradeable ERC721 token.

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Brenna Sparks

Spankchain advisor, adult performer of all varieties, early bitcoin user, Brenna Sparks is Laotian, but she was born in the U.S.
It’s her evangelism for crypto in a community that arguably needs it the most (being shut out and victimized by the banking system) that got her the nod for the list.


Glen Weyl

Glen speaks with the unfettered calm of a man with an objective. The co-author of crypto cult classic "Radical Markets" according to Glen, politics and economics are the same essential process – resource allocation.
Reality is markets all the way down.



1st Glen Weyl, Brenna Sparks
Dec 31th, 2018 5pm UTC

2nd Glen Weyl, Brenna Sparks
Jan 3nd, 2019 5pm UTC

3rd Glen Weyl, Brenna Sparks
Jan 6th, 2019 5pm UTC

There will be 1 hour between the auction start times of Glen and Brenna

We are auctioning 3x Glen Weyls and 3x Brenna Sparks. They are very limited true influencers.

An additional one is minted for their real life counterparts. In total 4 each will exist.

Bidding style is our beloved HOT POTATO format. Make ~14% profit each time you are outbid. Automatic withdraw, no gas costs for you. Auction ends 3h after start, be fast.


Bidding on:
incl. pencil weapon

Highest Bidder:

Highest Bid: ETH

Next Bid: ETH

Ends in:

Net proceeds will go to
RadicalXChange Foundation

Bidding on:
incl. wizard wand weapon

Highest Bidder:

Highest Bid: ETH

Next Bid: ETH

Ends in:

Unique traits

They come with unique traits Brains, Charisma and Fighting ability.

Brains and Charisma is inheritable, fusion requests should be expected for others to inherit these traits.

Fighting ability is exclusive to them and can't be inherited, it will grant a nice boost on stats..



Find the verified contracts on etherscan

Glen Weyl 3

Brenna Sparks 3